Expanding Mbed Cloud’s capability to manage devices with IoT gateways

Today, Arm is announcing an expansion of the Mbed Cloud’s device management capabilities to onboard, control and manage devices using IoT gateways with the introduction of Mbed Edge.

Gateways play a critical role in IoT networks by acting as a bridge between local wired and wirelessly-connected devices and the cloud, and in many cases running local applications to control devices. Failed gateways can have a devastating effect on local operations, whether it’s stopping a manufacturing production line or shutting down a wind turbine farm.

Mbed Cloud with the added capabilities of Mbed Edge will offer three new sets of functionalities, including the ability to connect to and manage Internet protocol (IP) and legacy connected devices, gateway management and diagnostics, and edge compute.

  • Protocol translation: Many legacy devices connect using communication protocols that are not IP-compatible, such as Modbus and BACnet. Mbed Edge translates these protocols into IP so non-IP devices can connect to Mbed Cloud and be managed alongside other IP connected devices.
  • Gateway management: Mbed Edge will offer a new set of capabilities to increase resiliency of IoT gateways and minimize costly down time. Key capabilities include alarm notifications, process, resource, and interface management, alongside detailed diagnostic capabilities.
  • Edge compute: Mbed Edge will provide a local application execution environment and compute resources to enable processing of rules and data on the gateway itself. This capability also enables the gateway to take independent action if the connection to the cloud is lost, thereby minimizing productivity down time.

  • 3 main functionalities

    "By 2020, 90% of Internet of Things projects will utilize an IoT gateway, up from 60% today."

    Gartner, Explore the Roles of IoT Gateways in Five Edge Use Cases, 16 June 2017

    With the most pervasive computing solution for IoT and an ecosystem that has shipped over 100 billion Arm-based devices, Arm is dramatically extending its device management capabilities to meet customer needs for secure IoT device lifecycle management.

    “We continue our mission to enable our partners and customers to simply, securely and seamlessly manage all IoT edge devices,” said Hima Mukkamala, General Manager Web Services, IoT Services Group, ARM.

    “Mbed Edge significantly expands the reach of the Arm Mbed Cloud to enable secure management of devices that are not directly connected to the cloud, such as our WISE-1510 LoRA IoT sensor node,” said Miller Chang, President, Advantech Embedded IoT Group. “As a leading partner working to implement the Mbed Edge solution on WISE-3610 IoT gateway product, we look forward to supporting Mbed Edge on our future gateway platforms.”

    After completing a production preview with select customers and partners, Mbed Cloud is now available to all customers and partners. The protocol translation capability of Mbed Edge is available now as a pre-release preview, find out more here.

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