Extending Cloud security to 3rd party certificates, with Cybertrust and GlobalSign partnership

Chip-to-cloud security continues to be a top priority for IoT deployments, regardless of the industry and market. Arm has been dedicated to securing the IoT, from Platform Security Architecture on the device through to secured connectivity with Mbed TLS and finally in the Cloud, providing a wide range of security features, including secure device access and firmware updates.

We’ve now progressed that mission further, by partnering with two leading identity service providers, Cybertrust and GlobalSign.

When an IoT device connects to the Mbed Cloud device management platform, the device proves its identity by presenting device certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). This trusted identity is provisioned in the device during manufacturing or during commissioning using Mbed Cloud Bootstrap capabilities. The Mbed Cloud platform is flexible in how customers can provision trusted identity in their devices, including support for internal Mbed Cloud CA and BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Certificate). We’re pleased to announce that Mbed Cloud now supports 3rd party certificate authorities. This offers greater flexibility for Mbed Cloud customers by allowing them to use external CA for bootstrapping devices. A 3rd party CA service can be operated by the customer as part of their existing identity infrastructure, or be an online service offered by leading certificate authority and identity services providers.

Arm partnered with GlobalSign and Cybertrust to offer Mbed Cloud customers advanced certificate authority services and help them build secure IoT solutions.

To learn more about Mbed Cloud, visit cloud.mbed.com. If you’re interested in finding out more about Arm’s mission to secure the IoT, download the Arm IoT Security Manifesto. We’ve also recently hosted a webinar covering Security in Industrial IoT, which you can sign up to watch on demand.

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